CategoryTech ramblings of the (HR, Day,Week,Month)

Tech ramblings of the (HR, Day,Week,Month)

Mcafee Is A virus that breaks everything.

I was trying to run the awesome utility from Which by the way looks sketchy as all hell but is a freaking life saver for weird Windows software issues. But when i try running it IN SAFE MODE.Guess whos running in the background, Mcafee.Is anything sacred? The program breaks safe mode. If that doesnt tell you enough about what a piece of absolute turd it is, I cant help you. Get rid...

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Computer Lineup

Added my current computer Lineup to bio. Can be found here as well.

Some updates to TechReccs.

Replaced Nomacs with Irfanview.Added Affinty Designer and Publisher.Replaced Slimfold Micro Tyvek for Ed Charly wallet.Updated just fucking google it link.Archived Spotifeed as Spotify backend changes broke it.

Upgrading our Work Nas / or why 10 gigabit networking isn’t crazy.

We have a problem in our office. We have TB’s of customers’ data that needs to be moved around every month. As of now what we have been doing is using external SSD’s. We have a consumer-grade Nas that we are using for various other things but thought maybe we should try to do all this data moving around via the network. We went and slammed a couple of SSD’s into a higher...

Trello Shortcuts are broken.

In Trello most people type things. Therefore if any of your shortcuts are not using a modifier you are already set up for disaster.To make matters worse they decided to make “C” Archive. So whenever I misclick CTRL+C for copy guess what happens, you guessed it Trello archives it.To make matters worse Trello does not let you modify or disable shortcuts. #PureGenius. Here are the Trello...

I got partially ransomwared.

I was trying to find a crack for the app, Seer and made the mistake of running them withought a sandbox. The program ran a crypto miner which kept getting blocked by my firewall. But in the background my files were being renamed to .koom. Luckily I caught it as well as restored from backups within a hr. I only run simplewall and no AV so if I make a mistake like that I’m pretty screwed...

Are you using Express Vpn?find a new vpn Provider.

Let’s take a look at its new owner. Kape used to be known as Crossrider until it changed its name in 2018 to move away from its advert-slinging past and reinvent itself as a cybersecurity outfit. Crossrider was founded in 2011, and in 2012, billionaire Teddy Sagi took control of it for $37m. In 2015, a joint study by the University of California, Berkeley and Google identified Crossrider as...

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