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Why We Turn off Bitlocker or A Friends Computer Repair Escapades

A follow up to the previous post. A friend messaged me on WhatsApp. Express VPN wouldn’t open or install the latest update. First hurdle: multiple remote login attempts using both RustDesk and AnyDesk, but both were blocked by his college wifi network—great security, I guess. Finally, I managed to use his phone’s hotspot to remote in. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling several...

Open wifi safety-it still matters even with HTTPS

Make sure to use a VPN on public Wi-Fi. Even though most sites have HTTPS, which prevents most attacks, a few are still possible. The two most common would be:Man in the Middle – which, contrary to popular belief, is not completely prevented by HTTPS.Session hijacking – which is basically stealing your cookies.I have had multiple friends already who have fallen specifically to session...

The Forgotten Bottleneck: Part 2 Chipsets

Chipsets are the second forgotten bottleneck . Please note: We will not be discussing Desktop Chipsets in this article. One of the many things that I learned about while working at my previous job. Is just how different two laptops with more or less identical specs and software setups can ‘feel” completely different.Obviously, this isn’t something I have benchmarked. But having happened...

The Forgotten Bottleneck: Part 1 Phones

Introduction. This is going to be a two-part series of “The Forgotten Bottlenecks”. The first part covers Phone Storage Speeds, and the second part covers Laptop Chipsets. . Storage Speed. The most overlooked component in a phone’s performance is the storage speed. Everyone is busy looking at SOC, RAM, Screen,OS but fails to check the storage performance. If you have ever...

Snapdrop- Airdrop for Android -The Best App I Have Found in 2021

I have messed around with all the big integration apps for file transfers/notifications and the like between Phones and PC’s.Including: AirdroidPushBulletSend AnywhereJoinEasy JoinKde ConnectTelegram saved messages. SnapDrop just kills them all for file transfer.Stupidly easy and reliable. Just go to and then click on the device you want to share with. Thats it no games no...

Coronavirus Online Security PSA

Due to the current situation there has been a massive rise in hacks and scams preying on people’s fear.This type of attack is a form of what the security professionals call “social engineering”. Here’s a few short pointers on how to stay safe online:

Backup Basics

The 3-2-1 Rule-The defacto standard of backup. If the content is King, then data is Queen! If you want to know how you can protect your data in a more secure way, You’re at the right place. Read about the Backup Basics Guide, one way to protect your data. There should be three copies of any data you really care about. If it’s critical data, loss of which would cause you to lose business...

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