Snapdrop- Airdrop for Android -The Best App I Have Found in 2021

I have messed around with all the big integration apps for file transfers/notifications and the like between Phones and PC’s.Including: AirdroidPushBulletSend AnywhereJoinEasy JoinKde ConnectTelegram saved messages. SnapDrop just kills them all for file transfer.Stupidly easy and reliable. Just go to and then click on the device you want to share with. Thats it no games no...

Redmi Note 9 Pro (Joyeuse) Modders Guide.


This post is an attempt to be a modders guide for Redmi Note 9 Pro, similar to my LG V20 guide. This time around, I will place each post in order, by date, in an attempt to keep this article organized as I add to it over time.


For those new please read from the bottom up. This is a changelog.

LG g5 two years hands on

The LG G5

The most hated flagship of 2016 and maybe the most hated phone in general, of that year.I have had this phone for two years now and this has been my experience.

Hey, my name is Avrohom Yosef Gross but I just go by Ay.


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