Techreccs Updates

Updated Techreccs for Android and Windows. Need to still do the other sections.Either way archived a bunch of stuff and added a few things. All the links and explanations are under each section on the actual page (Windows, Android, and Archive) Here is the quick list again without the links or explanations Removed Activity watch-using Timecamp for sync Kdenlive – Use Davinci Resolve Feedly...

Backblaze Data Center Woes

When we upgraded to fiber internet, I was excited to have lightning-fast upload speeds. However, I soon discovered that Backblaze, my online backup provider, was not taking full advantage of my new upload speed. After doing some research, I found that the location of my Backblaze server was in the US West data center. As a result, my uploads were restricted by the distance between my location and...

A Netflix alternative – Though you will no longer be part of the Navy.

Please note you should use a vpn if you are not using real debrid. So, you can no longer share your friend’s, sister’s, or mother-in-law’s Netflix account, or maybe you just prefer having all your content in one place. Whatever your reason may be, this is a super easy guide to help you get your movies and shows without any headaches. Editor’s Note 1: This article focuses...

Anker- Oh How the Mighty have Fallen

I have been using Anker Products and recommending them for years upon years. They made the best USB battery banks, cables, and wall chargers, but I no longer recommend them, and here is why.


The Problem I have been saying this for years we need either, One messenger that everyone uses,  which will never happen!! (For more info search for the Network effect/ Critical mass. )A Contacts-based messenger app. All chats from one contact, no matter the platform, will end up in one hub under their name.In the worst case scenario, at least we need a messaging app that combines all the...

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