Backblaze Data Center Woes

When we upgraded to fiber internet, I was excited to have lightning-fast upload speeds. However, I soon discovered that Backblaze, my online backup provider, was not taking full advantage of my new upload speed. After doing some research, I found that the location of my Backblaze server was in the US West data center. As a result, my uploads were restricted by the distance between my location and...

A Netflix alternative – Though you will no longer be part of the Navy.

Please note you should use a vpn if you are not using real debrid. So, you can no longer share your friend’s, sister’s, or mother-in-law’s Netflix account, or maybe you just prefer having all your content in one place. Whatever your reason may be, this is a super easy guide to help you get your movies and shows without any headaches. Editor’s Note 1: This article focuses...

Anker- Oh How the Mighty have Fallen

I have been using Anker Products and recommending them for years upon years. They made the best USB battery banks, cables, and wall chargers, but I no longer recommend them, and here is why.


The Problem I have been saying this for years we need either, One messenger that everyone uses,  which will never happen!! (For more info search for the Network effect/ Critical mass. )A Contacts-based messenger app. All chats from one contact, no matter the platform, will end up in one hub under their name.In the worst case scenario, at least we need a messaging app that combines all the...

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