Why We Turn off Bitlocker or A Friends Computer Repair Escapades

A follow up to the previous post. A friend messaged me on WhatsApp. Express VPN wouldn’t open or install the latest update. First hurdle: multiple remote login attempts using both RustDesk and AnyDesk, but both were blocked by his college wifi network—great security, I guess. Finally, I managed to use his phone’s hotspot to remote in. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling several...

May Roundup – Adobe AI, Android Find My and LTSC Oh my

Been a while since I posted, so let’s get up to speed. Docker Desktop Issues I ran into an issue where Docker Desktop on Windows doesn’t remove host file changes on uninstall, so that’s fun. If you run into localhost issues, that’s why. This was reported on GitHub in 2019 and still hasn’t been fixed. Win 11 LTSC Windows 11 LTSC, i.e., the non-bloated way an OS should...

Backblaze Data Center Woes

When we upgraded to fiber internet, I was excited to have lightning-fast upload speeds. However, I soon discovered that Backblaze, my online backup provider, was not taking full advantage of my new upload speed. After doing some research, I found that the location of my Backblaze server was in the US West data center. As a result, my uploads were restricted by the distance between my location and...

Nord Vpn Defaults Break SMB

I am beyond enraged. I had a different issue causing me to revert to one of my older Windows images. Everything was working fine until I realized I couldn’t see my SMB shares, which I use as a NAS. After messing around for hours with firewalls, NetBIOS, among other things, to no avail, I stumbled upon an article talking about an invisible LAN on NordVPN. Well, what do you know, even though...

Cut the Windows 10 Crap

Ahhh, the eternal quest. I originally almost wrote a complete article on just MSMG, but I decided to do more of an overview on multiple different options for debloating. I have used all of these options on multiple different installs.

Chocolatey: The Windows package manager

Never see an install dialog on Windows again.

Anyone who has used Windows, for any amount of time, knows the pain of installing or updating software. To give you peace of mind, here comes the Chocolatey: The Windows Package Manager that wraps installers, executables, zips, and scripts into compiled packages.

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