Backblaze Data Center Woes


When we upgraded to fiber internet, I was excited to have lightning-fast upload speeds. However, I soon discovered that Backblaze, my online backup provider, was not taking full advantage of my new upload speed.

After doing some research, I found that the location of my Backblaze server was in the US West data center. As a result, my uploads were restricted by the distance between my location and the server. To check your current data center go to your account settings and in little text on the bottom it shows, use the picture as a reference.

backblaze current datacenter

To confirm this, I ran a speed test directly to the Backblaze server using their online tool, which can be found at here. Sure enough, the results were less than ideal.

Unfortunately, Backblaze has a limitation in that users cannot move data centers. So, I followed their steps of deleting my current account and creating a new account from scratch, this time selecting the EU Central data center.

Backblaze Region

Now, I am excited to see how quickly I can upload 7.4 TB of data and more moving forward. And praying our house doesn’t burn down or flood before its all up remotely.I have plenty of local backups but gotta stick to that 3-2-1. (

So ya, it’s essential to check your online service providers’ server locations, especially if you’re working with large amounts of data. Upgrading to fiber internet can significantly increase your upload and download speeds, but the location of your server will impact speeds. Choose wisely. Though to be fair my Backblaze account needed a fresh database after inheriting backups multiple times so arguably this was a good thing to happen.

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