May Roundup – Adobe AI, Android Find My and LTSC Oh my


Been a while since I posted, so let’s get up to speed.

Docker Desktop Issues

I ran into an issue where Docker Desktop on Windows doesn’t remove host file changes on uninstall, so that’s fun. If you run into localhost issues, that’s why. This was reported on GitHub in 2019 and still hasn’t been fixed.

Win 11 LTSC

Windows 11 LTSC, i.e., the non-bloated way an OS should be, is out. I’m busy setting up my image in a VM, which I will then transfer onto my main machine once the configuration is complete. My standard Windows debloating method has aged somewhat well, but having a clean OS from the get-go is nice. I use CTT Windows Utility to get my software installs going and then restore all my installs with an export from chocolatey. After that, I use UninstallView to check what I missed and then install those manually. I then use the CTT tool for some more basic tweaks like Shutup10, etc.

Competition is good

I’ve been working on my competitor to a major player in the Jewish audio space. Though it’s gonna be under wraps for now and may stay anonymous. I currently got a domain name after trying probably 20/30 names that are all taken or squatted. Looking into WordPress themes is always fun, though sometimes completely mind-numbing.

Android Find My network

My Pebblebee trackers have finally shipped. Thank you, Apple, for making this take an extra year. Actually, fuck you, Apple. They are AirTag competitors; you can go read why Apple was a POS in this whole process somewhere else. Either way, I’m looking forward to those finally coming after being ordered almost a year ago.For all of you who are reading this and incapable of using a search engine click here

Legit COpy of Lightroom and Photoshop

I have been using non-pirated Photoshop and Lightroom as I am taking on a new client that uses Lightroom CC. Generative Fill is pretty cool; otherwise, it just feels like a giant scam. And of course, Adobe will eat all your content for AI. They are the scum of the earth. They will tell you they won’t, but c’mon, who are you kidding? Makes the Affinity takeover by Canva hurt more.

Tidal Cancellation and self hosting Music server

I canceled my Tidal subscription. Haven’t been listening to much music lately. The plan is to move all my local files onto Navidrome on my Raspberry Pi and stream them to my phone using Symfonium or my PC straight from the browser for high-res playback. It’s been working quite well. I then moved all my data from Tidal into YouTube Music using Soundiiz. I use the revanced version, and that will be my low-quality/music-finding service. It just didn’t feel like the subscription was worthwhile at this point for 10 bucks a month.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a way better deal than Spotify, which is $1 more and is 320 kbps instead of lossless.


On the topic of Spotify, who the fuck designed this steaming POS? I haven’t written on the topic, but seeing the price hike, I thought it was a good time to address this. I don’t want podcasts on my homepage or anywhere near my music. The same goes for audiobooks. Here is a great video for the rest of incredibly annoying inconsistencies with Spotify.

Obsidian Sync

I started using Obsidian. I tried it just for writing blogs and fell in love with it. I tried for a few days to use my own self-hosted sync, but it was just super buggy no matter what I did. I then looked at Obsidian sync plans again, and apparently, they introduced a $5 a month plan. I then saw they offer non-profit and education discounts, so I used my email address from my school, and it went through for the discount, even though it’s not a .edu account. I feel $3 a month is worth it for this service. Yes the native implementation works.

And something new for today thanks to grammarly


Grammarly pops this in every couple of words now, and it’s absolutely infuriating. Guess I will just use ChatGPT for spell check . Great timing, guys, great timing.

That’s all about May that I remember. Been crazy busy.

Bye for now.

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