Random roundup – Misery Edition


Haven’t slept well in weeks. My thoughts are complete chaos right now so here goes.

General News

I’ve been super frustrated with the overall news in terms of the Supreme Court ruling but have ultimately decided to skip writing anything on it. Having to furiously mute hashtags on Mastodon and block posts on Reddit has been absolutely mind-numbing.

The YouTuber news cycle about Snapdragon laptops has been absolutely miserable, and I am so done with standard PC reviewers.

The Adobe backlash is deserved. They have been making terrible software and ripping off customers for years. It took a court case apparently for there to be actual media coverage, but it has always been a terrible company. On a side note, you can now get Affinity free for 6 months.


Bought Red Dead Redemption and absolutely hated it. I’m sure if I gave the story 10 hours it would be great, but quite frankly I don’t have the patience.

Had a ton of fun playing through Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on PPSSPP on my phone. I completed the game. Quick thoughts: I love that it throws you in and shows you the controls as you go. The game simultaneously makes you feel like a god with standard enemies but kicks your butt with the boss fights. The challenge on boss fights, at least for me, was perfect – usually taking three or four attempts but not making you do the same boss fifty times like in Dark Souls. If you’re into that, great, but I’m not. The storyline is fantastic and just makes the Acolyte look that much more pathetic.

Bought myself a Miyoo Mini. Hoping it will come soon. I have been trying to game more off of my computer to have a bit more separation of work and play. Hoping this will help do the trick. Going to be playing through Pokémon again. It was a massive rabbit hole trying to figure out which to play from each gen. For now, I am going to start with FireRed.

Photography/Photo Editing

Had a fantastic Zoom meeting with Aftershoot. The 50 bucks was a nice perk as well, which they promptly delivered via a Visa gift card.

Looking into macro-pads to speed up my editing workflow.

Figured out an editing workflow for clients in Lightroom CC, which is now just called Lightroom, mainly to make it impossible to Google anything. The program is somehow even less optimized than Classic, a absolutely impressive feat.

Computer/IT stuff

Worked on an MDM solution for 40+ hours to deploy a single video to 200 VR headsets. Dealing with Chinese companies, and nothing worked out. In the end – they made me a custom APK. Now the client has pivoted and just wants to buy the solution but not have me do the work. I am not sure if that’s a good thing or not. On the one hand, putting it on each headset is mind-numbing work. On the other hand, we desperately need the money.

Been trying to figure out a new backup solution that can cover all my grounds. It’s actually quite complicated when you have three laptops, a desktop, a Raspberry Pi, and three phones to come up with a system to cover all my bases; but I need to go through that as my current system is a bit too much of a mishmash of things. I will eventually write a post about it.

Finally had a chance to troubleshoot my domain’s email provider never fetching properly. It turns out I just needed to change the connections in Mailbird to 1 instead of 5.

I should probably provide images for all these things but quite frankly does anyone actually care.


This is day 18 of #100DaysToOffload

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