Enshittification- A post brought to you by complaints of another Beeper user


I was having a conversation with my previous boss/good friend. He’s an old school extremely capable computer technician but too busy to keep up with most of the current internet drama. Anyways here is the conversation that sparked this post.

Redacted, [5/13/2024 10:35 PM]
In the end beeper is rubbish

Redacted, [5/13/2024 10:36 PM]
No wonder they dropped the $10 per month

Redacted, [5/13/2024 10:36 PM]
No edit. No swipe. Words cut off etc.

pupontech, [5/13/2024 10:36 PM]
works fine for me but i use it as a roundup for my messages

pupontech, [5/13/2024 10:36 PM]
im not on it 24/7 like you are

Redacted, [5/13/2024 10:37 PM]
Look words all cut off

pupontech, [5/13/2024 10:37 PM]
oh that;s bad

pupontech, [5/13/2024 10:37 PM]
i wonder if its a Hebrew parsing thing

Redacted, [5/13/2024 10:37 PM]
Cant edit past messages driving me mad

Redacted, [5/13/2024 10:38 PM]
Can't @ someone. Or am I nuts? Handles don't drop down!

Redacted, [5/13/2024 10:38 PM]
I literally have to paste them from auto text

Well it’s trying to do this all without API access and has gotten much better. Mainly because all these apps are trash closed-source gardens. For the amount of hackery going on it’s pretty darn stable for me. But I only use it to catch up on stuff, I’m not on it 24/7. Nothing will be fixed until people stop using closed-source platforms or end up on only one. Neither of which will happen, so in the end we will all still have our folder of 20 separate chat apps which is beyond ridiculous.

Enshittification Of all the Things

So it’s like the rest of the mainstream Internet complete garbage:

  • The past few years you can’t google any information because it’s all SEO optimized garbage, so now I add Reddit to the end of every search, but there are less users in Reddit since the data is being sold to OpenAI and the people who post quality info for tech especially are anti that and deleting all their posts.
  • You can’t keep any information private, you can’t be only on one service
  • You have sign in with Google or Facebook but can still make another account with your Google account in the email field, which doesn’t work almost ever. Either it makes duplicate accounts and you have no idea or they try to merge it and it breaks
  • You have 30 different password replacements and ways to do two factor (passkeys, sign in with this two factor with that one time code etc.)
  • You have captchas that make everyone nuts except bots which get around them consistently
  • Every single version of Windows 11 brings more ads
  • Every big distro of Linux adds more telemetry
  • Every program is subscription based and in a constant state of you being the beta tester
  • And now everything is gobbley gook spit out by LLM’s that are usually wrong but looks correct
  • Computers and hardware in general can’t be repaired or upgraded

It’s called Enshittification and I hate it.

This is day 17 of #100DaysToOffload

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