Learning Gutenberg and Laragon Bugs


Been building a WordPress site for a friend and trying to learn Gutenberg. Yes, Gutenberg should be simple but I have been using WordPress for years and mainly use Elementor. Well, for the site before this, I tried working with Elementor on WordPress 6+ and they do not want you to use another site builder anymore. No matter what I did they kept interfering with each other. So I decided this time I’m not gonna break my head and just do the current happy path in WordPress and use Gutenberg. Currently building the site on the Astra Pro theme and it seems to be working out mostly. Gutenberg seems to be more firmly implemented into the base WordPress UI as opposed to Elementor so things that should be intuitive actually generally are. But since I am so used to second-guessing myself with eliminator it’s been a hard assessment.

Started building the site Local by Flywheel but quickly moved to Laragon as the performance is so much better. Now that I am closer to finishing the site I want my friend’s input but apparently, Ngrok sharing on Laragon is just busted. The first issue I ran into was the Ngrok version being out of date which was a simple fix just updated the executable in the Laragon directory.

Once I did that I did manage to get a Ngrok Tunnel working but it wasn’t loading properly due to HTTPS not being enabled. So I turned on HTTPS in the Apache submenu in Laragon. Well, it’s still pulling the HTTP version for some reason. Could be I just need to recreate the site with HTTPS turned on when installing WordPress but I really don’t know. The funny thing is locals do this sharing perfectly. Either way, guess I’m just going upload to a live host, for now, is what it is.

This is day 9 of #100DaysToOffload

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