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DongKnows – the ultimate consumer router site.
FrequencyCheck – Will your phone work in ….. Idk check.

Blixem Tab Manager – Tab manager with sync for free and its pretty
Extensity – Turn extensions on and off easily. Very needed if you follow this list.
Improve Youtube – Self Explanatory
Social Fixer for Facebook – Self Explanatory

JetPack Social – cross post to social media sites.

BSP D6 Game Controller – A no brainer with yuzu for switch emulation -Fantastic for the price and I dont have to worry about it either for that reason.
Poco F5 – Amazing bang for your buck I loveee this phone.

Sit stand desk converter- If you cant afford the full desk get one of these and save your back

Truthear Hola- my current daily driver IEM – great sound but also a fantastic cable – the cable itself is worth the price of admission so its an absolute steal at 18 USD

Flair Signature pro 2 manual Espresso maker – I freaking love this thing
Espresso Scale – Cheap, Type c ,no touch buttons and auto functions – it fits on the flair but it is a bit tight.


Session Buddy -A beautiful lightweight session manager – switched to blixem

Blog2Social- Send your posts straight to social media. – Switched to Jetpack for Mastodon Support

Advanced Sound Model 3 (Mobile edition) – Love these maybe even more then the KZ Es4. They are durable and sound great with a bit of a bass heavy Vshape. They eq really nicely though to a mid focused with sub bass boost. – Still love it but lost them

KZ ES4-Just wow, chi-fi at its best.Needs new tips and cables though.Review coming soon. – Truthear Hola is just a better Value

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro– my current daily driver. Mod Guide here – Replaced By Poco F5

LG V20-Full review here – Currently my Dap- See Redmi Note 9 Pro – Just sitting in my drawer unfortunately

Xiaomi Mi Band 3-still loving it As a backup with the app Notify and Fitness. – The 6 is cheap enough now no reason to buy

Nad Viso HP-50 -relatively light closed back headphones, impressive isolation, warm and smooth yet still detailed.

Fellow Prismo – Make espresso style shots with the Aeropress.

This is day 10 of #100DaysToOffload

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