CategoryTech ramblings of the (HR, Day,Week,Month)

Tech ramblings of the (HR, Day,Week,Month)

The Beginning OF The End Of Adobe Cracks.

We don’t condone Piracy but we aren’t any fans of Adobe here:) Adobe cracks the thing nobody ever does. Adobe has now indirectly removed more piracy than any DRM scheme possible Now that more and more features are moving into Adobe Sensei, which is processed server-side cracks are going to be less useful. Due to cracks needing to be offline, anything using Sensei will be broken. As...

Mcafee Is A virus that breaks everything.

I was trying to run the awesome utility from Which by the way looks sketchy as all hell but is a freaking life saver for weird Windows software issues. But when i try running it IN SAFE MODE.Guess whos running in the background, Mcafee.Is anything sacred? The program breaks safe mode. If that doesnt tell you enough about what a piece of absolute turd it is, I cant help you. Get rid...

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