Hey, my name is Avrohom Yosef Gross but I just go by Ay.



The Problem I have been saying this for years we need either, One messenger that everyone uses,  which will never happen!! (For more info search for the Network effect/ Critical mass. )A Contacts-based messenger app. All chats from one contact, no matter the platform, will end up in one hub under their name.In the worst case scenario, at least we need a messaging app that combines all the...

The Forgotten Bottleneck: Part 2 Chipsets


Chipsets are the second forgotten bottleneck . Please note: We will not be discussing Desktop Chipsets in this article. One of the many things that I learned about while working at my previous job. Is just how different two laptops with more or less identical specs and software setups can ‘feel” completely different.Obviously, this isn’t something I have benchmarked. But having happened...

Simplewall More Powerful than I Thought.


As the war in Ukraine rages both IRL and in Cyberspace, It once again seemed appropriate to double down on security. I went down the rabbit hole of firewalls again, yet still ended up back at Simplewall, with a newfound appreciation for the tool. After playing around with a few free firewalls including Comodo FirewallTinywallWindows Firewall Control Then I went down a deep rabbit hole of blocking...

The Forgotten Bottleneck: Part 1 Phones


Introduction. This is going to be a two-part series of “The Forgotten Bottlenecks”. The first part covers Phone Storage Speeds, and the second part covers Laptop Chipsets. . Storage Speed. The most overlooked component in a phone’s performance is the storage speed. Everyone is busy looking at SOC, RAM, Screen,OS but fails to check the storage performance. If you have ever...

The past 2 weeks roundup.


Just a roundup of the past two weeks. Some Reading This is a great article from Moxie Marlinespike explaining how web 3.0 is already moving to a web 2.0 model. Since three companies basically control the transactions on the Blockchain. Here is a good read comparing 12th gen Intel and why it’s not as big of a power hog as the internet is making it out to be. A really nice article covering why...

The Beginning OF The End Of Adobe Cracks.


We don’t condone Piracy but we aren’t any fans of Adobe here:) Adobe cracks the thing nobody ever does. Adobe has now indirectly removed more piracy than any DRM scheme possible Now that more and more features are moving into Adobe Sensei, which is processed server-side cracks are going to be less useful. Due to cracks needing to be offline, anything using Sensei will be broken. As...

Hey, my name is Avrohom Yosef Gross but I just go by Ay.


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