Hey, my name is Avrohom Yosef Gross but I just go by Ay.

TechReccs Updates, Notion, And Bit By Bit


Techreccs has been updated. There is a new couples section. As well as the following things that have been added / Updated. Grammarly for WindowsHabitify MonkeytypeKeyBRDropy Hermit Dingless has been restored Supercook ADB App Control Notion Go check out the Techreccs for descriptions and links. I have moved to Notion as a second brain option. Even though its not mobile optimized its still the...

New Phone


So long to the Redmi Note 9 Pro.

Due to hardware issues such as the touchscreen dying, speaker and microphone quality degrading, I have moved to the Samsung Galaxy A52s. It’s been a great ride. But for now it’s no longer my daily driver.

Thanks Grandpa for the present.

Update to Techreccs and my current experience with Notion.


The TechRecc Updates are . Android GrimvalorJust player – A video player with perfect bluetooth audio sync.QKSMS (replaces Textra)ZonelyArchived YT Vanced due to DMCA Takedown Removed NL Podcasts Added PCPer And Broken Silicon EDC Fellow Prismo has been added Go get all the links and full descriptions at Onto Notion I started with Notion for wedding planning as it...

A Great Android Game Exists.


No this isn’t clickbait. I am hooked on a quality android game, Grimvalor. It’s a side-scrolling hack and slash, with Dark Souls type bosses. It’s fair but challenging. Has extremely tight feeling controls, well-designed levels, and enemies as well as a great art style. It also runs nicely on a Snapdragon 720g. Cannot recommend it enough. This is the first game that will appear...

Updraft+ Backup Fail


A few days ago my site was down and replaced with a completely different site that I was working on in the past. What happened was, the backup plugin I use called Updraft+ attaches to your Google Drive. And apparently, it by default doesn’t make a subfolder per each site being backed up. So I ended up restoring a different site from within the Updraft dashboard as it doesn’t seem to...

Should I Root My Phone in 2022


Rooting, for a long time, has been a mainstay in the Android community, but in the past few years it seems to have fallen out of style. Should you root in 2022? Rooting Vs Custom ROM The first thing I would like to make clear is that Rooting and installing a Custom Android ROM/OS are actually two separate things.These things tend to go hand in hand but they don’t have to. Installing a...

We have been Featured on Two Podcasts: A Small Site Roundup In honor Of 420.


PupOnTech has been featured on Two different podcasts. Some Gadget Guy Episode # 247 Mike Tech Show Episodes # 821 Redmi Note 9 Pro Modders Guide has been updated. Small post about my Laptop and Fedora Linux. And I hope to put out a post over the coming days, about whether its still worth rooting your phone in 2022 . Besides that just been a lot of chilling with the Doggo, and reading on my KOBO...

Hey, my name is Avrohom Yosef Gross but I just go by Ay.


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