Techreccs Updates


Updated Techreccs for Android and Windows. Need to still do the other sections.
Either way archived a bunch of stuff and added a few things. All the links and explanations are under each section on the actual page (Windows, Android, and Archive)

Here is the quick list again without the links or explanations


  • Activity watch-using Timecamp for sync
  • Kdenlive – Use Davinci Resolve
  • Feedly – Using Freshrss
  • Fluid NG – use buttons
  • Memoria – Using stock gallery
  • Owly – Twitter doesnt allow third party clients
  • Spark – to much battery usage
  • Taskbarx -Startallback already does it


  • Aqua Eq
  • Bluetooth Codec Changer
  • Brew Timer
  • Fairmail
  • Focus Reader
  • Nora music
  • Private DNS Tile
  • Startallback

Also Updated the computer lineup

Re-added my x230

Added Rasberry PI Info

This is day 6 of #100DaysToOffload

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