Chromebooks- I recommend them more then ever after I bought one.

As an IT professional, I have been recommending Chromebooks and iPads to practically everyone for years. In my experience, they are the perfect choice for most people. Recently, I purchased the Lenovo Chromebook Duet as a lighter weight replacement for my Thinkpad X230 (Don’t worry I still have a spare:). I will have a continuous guide posted soon, but I just wanted to write a short article...

“New” Laptop and moving to Fedora 36

So my beloved Thinkpad X230’s Screen decided to slowly crack down the middle the past few days. And being that the past few months have been really difficult I decided to treat myself and move to my “New” backup X230 and put the “old one as a current backup. For the sake of this post Brick 1 is the old one and Brick 2 is the new one. Specs Both Bricks are Identical in...

The Mass Exodus of my contacts from Whatsapp.

Preface: I wanted to begin this article by saying that I am attempting to provide this information to many different audiences, as opposed to most of my other articles. Therefore, it ends up being a jack of all trades, master of none. I have tried to explain some basic concepts as well as to provide more in-depth links. Hopefully, you will find this helpful, but, please feel free to ask questions...

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