One Eq Method To Rule them All


You read that correctly, here is a simple, high quality, relatively easy way to equalize (“tune”) all your headphones based on specific model data.

What is AutoEQ?

Well to quote the GitHub Repo “AutoEQ is a project for equalizing headphone frequency responses automatically, and it achieves this by parsing frequency response measurements and producing equalization settings that correct the headphone to a neutral sound. “
In English, this will tune your headphones to be as close to neutral as possible.

PowerAmp Eq For Android

I use Poweramp EQ on Android, which is a brilliant EQ engine for both rooted and non-rooted phones. I find it to be superior to everything else on the play store, as well as Viper4Android for rooted users.

Poweramp EQ has a parametric option that gives the most precise tuning, but you can copy the graphical EQ settings if you prefer. The same goes for any other EQ software on any other OS.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Install Poweramp EQ
  2. Head to
  3. Go to your headphone for this example we will use my favorite daily driver the Philips SHP 9500
  4. Click on parametric EQ
  5. Copy and paste the results into a text file
Click on parametric EQ
image 1
Copy and paste the results into a text file


  1. Open your presets
  2. Hold down a preset until you see the import dialog as shown
  3. Import your text file of choice
  4. Profit
Screenshot 20221122 200621 Poweramp Equalizer
Screenshot 20221122 200626 Files
Text Files
Screenshot 20221122 200931 Poweramp Equalizer

Now that you are at neutral you can tweak the profile further to how you like it.

That’s all for now folks.

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