Why I had to start Charging for “Quick Help” tech advice


Last week I did close to 18 hrs of free work for multiple people. Two weeks ago I did 20 hrs of free web design , it was for a good friend . I wasn’t upset about it until I realized based on trying to be in touch with them that I was putting significantly more effort into there project then they were. This week I got asked a question to help someone save $300 four times in a row and even my wife got called that I didn’t answer the second they needed it. I cant say everyone was malicious but it felt like that. Is it my fault , yes definitely parts of it.I struggle with boundaries, so this is how its gonna be moving forward. If you were called out here I am sorta sorry its not just you, you were just the ones that were the most recent.

I have tried to do things for people and hoped it would come back to me. Usually it doesn’t. I have very few “friend or family” who return the favors that I do. I tried keeping things to be donation only. As you can see there are 0 ads on this site other then a request for donations on Techreccs. But people have been taking advantage of me and I cant do it anymore physically, mentally, or financially. I run this site as a net loss (hosting costs money) and most people don’t even bother checking it before asking me whatever there question is.If this comes off as passive aggressive its probably because it is.I am quite fed up spending hrs helping people with nothing ever being given back. If I save you 500 – 1000 USD you cant spare me 5 bucks? So this is what it has come to . To those who have donated in the past bless you and I am not trying to lump you into this but I cant do it anymore.

Hopefully you will understand.
Over and out

This is day 15 of #100DaysToOffload

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