Things I should have learned in School


I hated school. I still hate school. The more kids I talk to the more useless school seems. Here are some Youtube Channels that actually gave me life skills that I should have been taught in school or by adults in my life.I will not be including niche tech or photography related skills but rather life skills and philosophy.

Yes I lean Libertarian and yes I am a Orthodox Jew. I probably scared half my readers off at this point, but I’m always open to comment and other opinions. Hope you wont throw me out with the bathwater.

Adulting-Studying,Mental Wellbeing,cleaning planning, House tasks.

Mental Health

Only one person in this section. DR K has made the most substantial change to my generation in terms of discussing, normalizing and explaining mental health issues.

Philosphy / Life Outlook

  • Louis Rossman – 98 percent of things this man says makes sense and I agree with
  • Jordan Peterson – The Internet’s dad
  • Avi Fishoff – Geared towards orthodox jews should be applicable to most insular religious communities.

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