Troubleshooting WIth Modern Laptops Is Hard


A friend of ours modem/router was reset so I went over to try to troubleshoot it and set it back up.
I brought my new Dell Inspiron 16 Inch 2 in 1. It doesn’t have an ethernet port so it was annoying to try to do anything network related.
Lesson learned busy re-setting up my ThinkPad X230 as I am starting to do some more IT work again.
Why modern laptops especially a 16 inch don’t include ports is beyond me.

The laptop also has a grounding issue causing the trackpad to jump but that’s a problem for another day. I found this method to fix it on Youtube.

Oh you apparently cant extend clipboard history on the native windows clipboard. It was bugging me as Ditto my clipboard manager for Win 10 kept everything longer. I will probably reinstall it and disable the Windows clipboard unless someone has a better idea.

Here is a pic of Honey.

DX80i R17 20240226 103918 lmc 8.4 1
Troubleshooting WIth Modern Laptops Is Hard 2

This is day 5 of #100DaysToOffload

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