Finally Internet or Bezeq incompetence Strikes again


“We finally got internet. It took about six weeks from the initial point of contact with the ISP (Bezeq) until we had an actual connection

The technician they sent to us was an incompetent fool. The first time he came, there wasn’t a line properly run to the house. Fair enough, that’s the owner’s problem, and he swiftly took care of it. But the way the Bezeq “Tech” delivered the information was downright rude, borderline asshole behavior. We were then given another month of waiting time. After pleading with a nice representative on the phone, we got bumped up to a week from the initial meeting.

When the guy came, he was screaming and name-calling, telling us that we didn’t know what we were talking about and that the line was put in the wrong telephone pole, even though that was the pole where he requested the line to be placed. He then got busy gaslighting my wife, claiming that the telephone pole wasn’t turned on by the municipality. An hour or two later, he came back (after we had him speak to the handyman that put in the line), and magically the municipality, who both does not turn on and off telephone poles and who has never done anything in less than a month’s time, turned it back on.

The icing on the cake of this whole saga: the guy came in and couldn’t figure out why the modem/router wasn’t transmitting an SSID. I had turned off the wifi to use my own AP, but he was too incompetent to figure this out, so he replaced the whole thing. He was a smug shmuck about the whole situation as well. We tried filing a complaint as apparently, this has happened to other friends in the neighborhood with this technician, but apparently, they don’t take complaints.

Internet companies around the world join together to be the worst… oh wait, that’s printer companies m’bad.

Well at least we have passable internet now (200/20).

This is day 4 of #100DaysToOffload

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