Fixing Dell 16 Inch laptop Trackpads


Apparently Dell 16 inch laptops have a problem that the trackpad jumps all over the place even when new. After doing some research its a hardware issue, its due to the trackpad not being correctly grounded.The fix as shown in this Youtube video works perfectly.My friend did it for me in a matter of minutes and its all fixed.

This is day 8 of #100DaysToOffload

Lifes been rough and Bioshock Infinite nostolgia.


Life’s been really hard lately both personally and work-wise. I haven’t had much drive to do much or post here, to be honest. On a more positive note, I did play through Bioshock Infinite again. BI has a special place in my heart. It was the first FPS game I ever bought on my first ever laptop that I bought. My first laptop was a 17-inch Toshiba with an AMD A8. It was prob running at...

Techreccs Updates


Updated Techreccs for Android and Windows. Need to still do the other sections.Either way archived a bunch of stuff and added a few things. All the links and explanations are under each section on the actual page (Windows, Android, and Archive) Here is the quick list again without the links or explanations Removed Activity watch-using Timecamp for sync Kdenlive – Use Davinci Resolve Feedly...

Troubleshooting WIth Modern Laptops Is Hard


A friend of ours modem/router was reset so I went over to try to troubleshoot it and set it back up.I brought my new Dell Inspiron 16 Inch 2 in 1. It doesn’t have an ethernet port so it was annoying to try to do anything network related. Lesson learned busy re-setting up my ThinkPad X230 as I am starting to do some more IT work again.Why modern laptops especially a 16 inch don’t...

Moving and No Internet


We have finally moved to our new place. Unfortunately, there is no fiber as previously mentioned, but currently, there is basically no internet at all. The ISP is coming Feb 11 hopefully but until then I am hot-spotting a 3g connection from my phone outside. So for now I’m hopping in and out of friends’ houses to use their internet. I moved my site from an HTML export of...

State of the Union


So while working on my pc I seemed to have shorted out my Mobo and GPU . I was planning on upgrading from my 3600XT to a 5700x . Since I blew everything up I didn’t end up going that route and had to buy a new Mobo and CPU . Ended up picking up a 12700k and MSI MPG-Z690-EDGE-WIFI-DDR4 board for $390 after shipping and taxes from BH Photo. Its been a nice upgrade. With it I have also moved...

2024 Updates and changes


A late welcome to 2024. This year I will be taking the 100 days to offload challenge. Basically the goal is to write 100 posts in 1 year. I found this concept through the “old Internet” which you can read about here. For that reason I am experimenting with having all the Tech Rambling posts on the main blog as opposed to a separate sections (menu item has been removed). I will still...

Things I should have learned in School


I hated school. I still hate school. The more kids I talk to the more useless school seems. Here are some Youtube Channels that actually gave me life skills that I should have been taught in school or by adults in my life.I will not be including niche tech or photography related skills but rather life skills and philosophy. Yes I lean Libertarian and yes I am a Orthodox Jew. I probably scared...

I have found the old Internet and It makes me Happy


I am not sure how I originally stumbled upon Joel Chrono’s blog, but I am happy I did. Through his website I have found a whole sphere of small blogs like this one. From this page on his site I found the concept of a blogroll which is basicly just organic links to other small blogs that is recommended by that sites admin. I felt like I was going on a deep dive through original user content...

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