“New” Laptop and moving to Fedora 36


So my beloved Thinkpad X230’s Screen decided to slowly crack down the middle the past few days. And being that the past few months have been really difficult I decided to treat myself and move to my “New” backup X230 and put the “old one as a current backup. For the sake of this post Brick 1 is the old one and Brick 2 is the new one. Specs Both Bricks are Identical in...



The Problem I have been saying this for years we need either, One messenger that everyone uses,  which will never happen!! (For more info search for the Network effect/ Critical mass. )A Contacts-based messenger app. All chats from one contact, no matter the platform, will end up in one hub under their name.In the worst case scenario, at least we need a messaging app that combines all the...

The Forgotten Bottleneck: Part 2 Chipsets


Chipsets are the second forgotten bottleneck . Please note: We will not be discussing Desktop Chipsets in this article. One of the many things that I learned about while working at my previous job. Is just how different two laptops with more or less identical specs and software setups can ‘feel” completely different.Obviously, this isn’t something I have benchmarked. But having happened...

The Forgotten Bottleneck: Part 1 Phones


Introduction. This is going to be a two-part series of “The Forgotten Bottlenecks”. The first part covers Phone Storage Speeds, and the second part covers Laptop Chipsets. . Storage Speed. The most overlooked component in a phone’s performance is the storage speed. Everyone is busy looking at SOC, RAM, Screen,OS but fails to check the storage performance. If you have ever...

Snapdrop- Airdrop for Android -The Best App I Have Found in 2021


I have messed around with all the big integration apps for file transfers/notifications and the like between Phones and PC’s.Including: AirdroidPushBulletSend AnywhereJoinEasy JoinKde ConnectTelegram saved messages. SnapDrop just kills them all for file transfer.Stupidly easy and reliable. Just go to Snapdrop.net and then click on the device you want to share with. Thats it no games no...

Cut the Windows 10 Crap


Ahhh, the eternal quest. I originally almost wrote a complete article on just MSMG, but I decided to do more of an overview on multiple different options for debloating. I have used all of these options on multiple different installs.

The Mass Exodus of my contacts from Whatsapp.


Preface: I wanted to begin this article by saying that I am attempting to provide this information to many different audiences, as opposed to most of my other articles. Therefore, it ends up being a jack of all trades, master of none. I have tried to explain some basic concepts as well as to provide more in-depth links. Hopefully, you will find this helpful, but, please feel free to ask questions...

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