The past 2 weeks roundup.


Just a roundup of the past two weeks.

Some Reading

This is a great article from Moxie Marlinespike explaining how web 3.0 is already moving to a web 2.0 model. Since three companies basically control the transactions on the Blockchain.

Here is a good read comparing 12th gen Intel and why it’s not as big of a power hog as the internet is making it out to be.

A really nice article covering why people keep overbuying and 95 percent of people have no use for a flagship phone at this point. Get it here.

This is corroborated further by an extreme power user like me who is more than happy on an optimized 720g platform.
Oh ya, Samsung’s 1200 dollar phone’s have ads see here .

Some Blog Stuff

Spent a lot of time trying out a12 ROMs but back to wave os for various reasons. Read more in my R9P Modders Guide.
Been messing with the Beeper Unified Messenger, for the past few weeks and hoping to get an article out this week.

Work-WIndows 11 Is still a DISASTER,Setting up Eset Endpoint Server,ANd moving To Fedora.

At work, we have had five Windows 11 machines from various customers that we downgraded. And all of a sudden a myriad of problems were fixed. As I have been saying all along Windows 11 is not ready for prime time at all.

I taught myself how to set up an ESET Server so that was pretty cool.

Moved to Fedora and Gnome 41 on my laptop due to Gnome 41 incredible usage of virtual desktops. The latest Fedora releases have their own power manager now and it seems to be slightly better than Pop_OS on my X230.

Question For the Linux Experts.

What’s the easiest way to run an Appimage or a QT-application on Fedora at startup?

Ukraine: As Always I stand With the Underdogs.

Sadly Zombie still holds true.

DId you see The new DOggo?

Check the previous post in ramblings.

That’s all for now.

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