A Netflix alternative – Though you will no longer be part of the Navy.


Please note you should use a vpn if you are not using real debrid.

So, you can no longer share your friend’s, sister’s, or mother-in-law’s Netflix account, or maybe you just prefer having all your content in one place. Whatever your reason may be, this is a super easy guide to help you get your movies and shows without any headaches.

Editor’s Note 1: This article focuses on one easy method of streaming and does not cover downloading.

Editor’s Note 2: This is going to be more of a back to the basics style guide, but since most people even typical power users hasn’t sailed the high seas before we are not going to label it as such. If you’re a power user who uses torrenting with seedboxes running Plex, Kodi, and other similar things, this guide is not for you.

Download Stremio

Start with Stremio. Grab it for your platform here.

Login with an account as it will make the setup faster when reinstalling or logging in on another platform, as well as keeping your history and library.Now you need to grab a plugin in order to stream, the best one being Torrentio. Open your browser on the device you have installed Stremio on and go to https://torrentio.strem.fun/configure.

From there, choose your options. I would recommend.

Screenshot 2023 02 23 3.38.27 PM
  • All Providers
  • Quality of Seeders
  • None for foreign language
  • Exclude Qualities 480p and below.
  • All results.
  • Click install and if asked open with Stremio.

Now you are set-up and can go browse the content you want. This content is based just on torrents which are dependent on how many seeds there are.If there aren’t enough seeds then your content will not load.So when in the list always choose the one with the most seeds.

How to get a better than netflix experience.

Using torrents is dependent on seeds but if you want to have basically instant access with either higher quality streams or content without enough seeds you need to use a debrid provider.

A debrid provider will provide server quality that in my experience is better than Netflix.I have been playing with real debrid so that’s the service I will be showing.

Screenshot 2023 02 23 3.39.46 PM
Real Debrid “RD”
  • Create an account on Real Debrid and purchase a premium account. I would recommend starting with the lower-priced ones to make sure this works for you.
  • Go back to https://torrentio.strem.fun/configure and follow the steps listed above. But for the last option, choose Real-Debrid as your provider and click “Get API Key.”
  • Copy and paste the API key and then click “Install.” Please note that you may have to uninstall the previous version.
  • Now that you have it installed, you should see viewing options with an RD in front of them as shown in the screenshot.

You are now golden and are using super high-quality servers to view everything for less than 5 bucks a month.

What do you think about Netflix’s new pricing? Will you sail the high seas?

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