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So after my Samsung a52s randomly bootlooped into oblivion I purchased a Poco f5. This modder’s guide will probably get way fewer updates than previous guides as I am way more busy. Thus it will be focused on stability above all else. The modders guide follows my journey so if you just want the latest start at the bottom and work your way up.

Poco F5 Day 9 – Unlock Issues

Initially, I tried bootloader unlocking the typical way. But MIui seemed to have trouble with my SIM card and syncing messages. So even after 9 days it still wouldn’t unlock due to that. It kept giving me in the logs 10013 the issue is only documented currently here and here For those asking if I’m a noob and removed my sim card no I did not. Yes, I was using the same MIUI account. Yes, the device showed as added to my account online. Yes, I was using the latest mi unlock and my developer options were in order and the device was detected by Fastboot. Here is the error for anyone curious about running into the same issue.

In the end I took the chance and paid NCunlock to unlock it with an authorized edl account. He remoted in and did it withough dumping malware on my system. I would highly reccomend his servicies if you run into ths error or just dont want to wait for 7 days.

10/16/23 AOSPA and Melt Kernel

Lets get started with flashing some Poco F5 Rom’s recovery and root.

You can flash TWRP in whichever order you prefer just make sure to use either recovery or Fastboot rom depending on the order. I happened to have done in this order.

Flash Fastboot rom download it here. Flashing Instructions.

After that download TWRP from here . Flashing instructions.

Flash Melt Kernel with KSU Support (new Magisk alternative better at hiding root)And grab the manager here)

GPU Undervolt from Melt Kernel dev if you don’t want to fool around with Konabess. Will provide slightly better thermals and battery life. I haven’t seen any performance degradation or artifacting.

Inside your kernel manager you can boost your headphone gain which was super needed for me.

The modules I am using are

With all these you will pass Safetynet and Rootbeer as you are using KSU . No other hiding modules should be needed.

I debloated apps I don’t use using Appmanager. Chrome, Google assistant android auto etc.

Google Photos has unlimited compressed backup which is fine for me and i dont want to break Cts/Safteynet so I don’t mess with it.

The camera included is basically the stock camera so nothing to worry about there. It works as well as stock and has some added color profiles.

That’s all for now. I will give a basic review after another week or so of use.

10/24/23 Aospa Unofficial and Melt Kernel Update

Updated to the latest AOSPA unofficial which has some added features. I played with the stock kernel a bit but was having some slight micro-stutters in telegram scrolling. Switched to update melt found here. Updated KSU to 0.70

10/27/23 – Back to Stock Kernel

I was getting the same micro-stutters in telegram so moved back to stock. See no difference.

11/12/23 – AOSPA Update

Updated to the latest unofficial here

1/01/24 – Start NEw Years Android 14

Been rocking Android 14 of PA for the past few weeks. Using Melt kernel for KSU support. Can dirty flash on top of A13 PA.

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