Upgrading our Work Nas / or why 10 gigabit networking isn’t crazy.


We have a problem in our office. We have TB’s of customers’ data that needs to be moved around every month. As of now what we have been doing is using external SSD’s. We have a consumer-grade Nas that we are using for various other things but thought maybe we should try to do all this data moving around via the network. We went and slammed a couple of SSD’s into a higher-end Synology NAS and tested it. What did we find? A hard cap at 125 MBPS max. Why is that you may ask, Gigabit is limited to that. For an in-depth, explanation read this article. So it turns out 10 Gigabit networking isn’t as crazy as it sounds if you’re doing a lot of file transfers on internal networks. This might sound obvious to all of you but I guess it just knocked it into me this week due to the NAS experiment.

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