Update to Techreccs and my current experience with Notion.


The TechRecc Updates are .


  • Grimvalor
  • Just player – A video player with perfect bluetooth audio sync.
  • QKSMS (replaces Textra)
  • Zonely
  • Archived YT Vanced due to DMCA Takedown
  • Removed NL


Added PCPer And Broken Silicon


Fellow Prismo has been added

Go get all the links and full descriptions at Pupontech.com/techreccs

Onto Notion

I started with Notion for wedding planning as it seemed Ideal for the task. As per the usual, you don’t find out certain things until you start using it. The internet raves about this app but unfortunately, it is unusable on mobile, and since my fiance is 95 percent on mobile it makes it frustrating and hard to use. Overall I love the Notion concept and desktop app but thoroughly cannot recommend it at all due to its mobile issues.

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