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Quick tip: Android on PC. DONT USE BLUESTACKS!

For some reason, Bluestacks is the number one recommended way to run android on a PC.

In my experience, it completely breaks random things on Windows (yes this isn’t highly specific but just take my word for it) . So here is a great alternative way to run Android on PC . You can use the open-source virtual machine software Virtual Box as well as a stock Android image from Prime OS. To set up your Virtual Machine just follow this guide. GLHF

4 thoughts on “Quick tip: Android on PC. DONT USE BLUESTACKS!”

  1. I love using Bluestacks on my desktop and it was amazing. It has the ability to turn your Windows computer into an Android environment. It does this by simulating a complete Android phone on your computer. So you don’t have to worry about for the reason that is also safe to use.

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