Simplewall More Powerful than I Thought.


As the war in Ukraine rages both IRL and in Cyberspace, It once again seemed appropriate to double down on security.

I went down the rabbit hole of firewalls again, yet still ended up back at Simplewall, with a newfound appreciation for the tool.

After playing around with a few free firewalls including

Then I went down a deep rabbit hole of blocking Microsoft Telemetry. Since this is one of the main reasons I use a third-party firewall.

As I went through various GitHub scripts and lists they led back to Windows Spy Blocker. Which you guessed it, are integrated into Simplewall.

After that, I realized for some dumb reason only now. That you can use the Windows Firewall in conjunction with Simplewall. So that’s my current hardened security in conjunction with Malwarebytes Premium.

Is it the best solution, I don’t know. Is it working great for me? Yes.

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