I have found the old Internet and It makes me Happy


I am not sure how I originally stumbled upon Joel Chrono’s blog, but I am happy I did. Through his website I have found a whole sphere of small blogs like this one. From this page on his site I found the concept of a blogroll which is basicly just organic links to other small blogs that is recommended by that sites admin.

I felt like I was going on a deep dive through original user content, like the old days of the Internet going link to link not hindered by seo spam . I stumbled upon the 512 kb club which RSS feed updated me with even more small blogs. So far I have subscribed to about 20 small user blogs and cannot be happier with what I found.

Reading through peoples wacky tech journeys on there own site really just makes me happy and doesn’t have all the mainstream trash. Posts like flashing older ThinkPad’s firmware, trying alternative search engines , alternative social media ,screen time/app dumps and things of the sort are the type of stuff you will find. We are talking hardcore techies and its absolutely fantastic. Most of these sites are ad-free and have a distinct character which makes me want to open them in browser instead of directly in my RSS client.

Finishing this off the concept of 100 days to offload that many of these bloggers take in is really cool and I think I might commit to it.

Happy browsing

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